Schedule Your Next Heavy Duty Diesel Oil Change and Stay on the Road

Whether you drive a big rig that racks up the miles every month or spends hours with the engine idling to power your PTO, your diesel engine will need its oil and filters changed on a regular basis. It can be tempting to skip that 25,000-mile mark and save a few dollars on your maintenance budget. Ohio County Truck & Trailer Repair, LLC is your local shop ready to knock out that chore and get you back on the road.

Protect Your Engine and Change Your Oil on Schedule

What happens if you skip an oil change or two? At first, you may see nothing more than a billowing black cloud when you turn over your ignition. Next, there will be knocking under the hood and even hesitation to accelerate at the lights. While your engine works harder to move its pistons through the thick sludge of old oil, parts can become scratched and corroded. Internal damage can lead to an expensive engine failure while you are climbing a mountain in the remote parts of West Virginia.

A Certified Diesel Technician Knows what Parts to Inspect

While our heavy-duty diesel technician is pumping out your oil and replacing it with clean lubricant, we will also take a look at your belts, tires, suspension, and all your fluids. Because we work with the big trucks on a regular basis, we will spot items that are worn and should be replaced to prevent flat tires, a loss of air conditioning, or even power steering.

Ohio County Truck & Trailer Repair LLC is open seven days a week to help you keep your rig serviced and earning income. Since we are local to Hartford, KY you never have to drive out of your way for routine maintenance. Give us a call to schedule your diesel oil change today.


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# Signs Your Truck Needs New Brakes

The brakes are one of the most important safety features your truck has. Knowing the signs that your truck needs new brakes can help you drive safely, avoid accidents, and keep you and others on the road safe. There are many signs that your truck’s brakes need to be replaced. Here’s what you need to know.

1. You’re hearing a squealing noise when you brake.

When your brakes start to wear down, the wear indicators on the brakes will make a squealing noise. Some brakes make a whining, growling or rumbling noise. This is by design. Don’t ignore the signs: get your truck to a professional mechanic as soon as you start hearing these noises.

2. Your truck doesn’t come to a complete stop quite so quickly anymore.

Some brakes become less effective as they wear down. This means when your brakes start to deteriorate, they’ll either become spongy (requiring you to step on the brakes harder when it’s time to stop), or they’ll just take longer to work. Either way, this is a dangerous situation. Get your brakes inspected as soon as possible.

3. Your vehicle pulls to one side when the brakes are applied.

If your truck’s brakes are wearing unevenly, then your truck will pull to one side when you start to brake. Your brakes may not be worn down so far that they need to be replaced yet, but pulling to one side can make it difficult to control your vehicle if you have to stop fast.

Is Your Truck Showing Signs Of Needing Brake Replacement? Stop In Today.

Your truck’s brakes are nothing to play around with. Seek truck brake replacement as soon as it’s needed! Make an appointment with Ohio County Truck and Trailer repair today.


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Driving an Older Rig? Stay Prepared for the Inevitable and Avoid the Avoidable with These Tips  

When you have a big rig with a few more miles on the odometer than most, you do have to be a little more attentive The likelihood of ending up experiencing a breakdown can be higher, and your old diesel engine may need servicing more frequently. Here are a few tips to keep in mind to avoid getting stranded out on the open road with your aging diesel semi-truck.

Make Routine Vehicle Service More Frequent

As your diesel-powered big rig reaches the end of its lifespan, routine service will become even more important. Something as simple as a forgotten maintenance task could easily lead to a major form of engine failure. Therefore, if you are normally a bit behind on scheduled maintenance, make sure to have your truck serviced

Stay Prepared for a Breakdown with Emergency Supplies

In the event the truck does break down, having the right supplies on hand can make for the safest experience. Before every trip, be sure to check your emergency roadside kit and supplies to ensure you have what you need. For example, be sure to keep the following items tucked away in your supply kit:

  • Roadside warning triangles
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Flashlight with extra batteries
  • Extra water and snacks

Get Familiar with 24/7 Roadside Service Providers On Your Route

With an older setup that may be more prone to problems, knowing who to contact when you need help is ever-important. In the event you do find yourself stranded and in need of assistance, you can quickly reach out to a diesel repair clinic or roadside assistance service for help.

Find a Truck and Trailer Repair Shop in Hartford, KY

At Ohio County Truck and Trailer Repair, we can help you out when your old rig needs a bit of TLC. Reach out to our diesel repair shop and roadside assistance service in Hartford, KY to discuss your needs.