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Signs of Dangerous Tire Wear

As a truck driver, tires are critical to your personal safety and the safety of your cargo. Understanding this, you should learn the signs of dangerous tire wear to bring your rig to Ohio Truck & Trailer Repair as soon as possible when you find certain signs. Our tire repair and replace services in Beaver Dam, KY, will help you get safely rolling again! Here are the most common signs of dangerous tire wear to know:

White Pieces Sticking Out
If you notice small white pieces sticking out of your tires, you may be seeing part of the steel cords within the tire’s structure. These cords are part of the tire’s internal construction and provide strength and support. When you see these cords protruding through the rubber, it clearly indicates significant tire damage and a potentially dangerous situation.

Cracks and Bulges
Cracks in the sidewall or bulges indicate tire damage and potential failure. Inspect tires regularly for any signs of damage, including cuts, punctures, or abrasions. Any visible damage should be addressed immediately to prevent tire blowouts.

Excessive Vibration
Vibrations while driving can indicate tire imbalance, misalignment, or worn-out suspension components. You may feel this vibration in the chassis or through the steering wheel. If you notice vibration, have the tires and suspension system inspected, as it can accelerate tire wear and compromise your safety.

Insufficient Tread
Insufficient tread depth can significantly impact traction, especially in wet or icy conditions. Use a tread depth gauge to measure tread depth regularly. If it’s below the recommended depth (typically 4/32 of an inch for steering tires and 2/32 of an inch for drive and trailer tires), it’s time for tire replacement.

When you need tire replacement in Beaver Dam, KY, come to Ohio Truck & Trailer Repair. We take care of your tire needs so you can ride with confidence.