Wheel Seals 101: Top FAQs to Know

When it comes to driving a semi, there are few things as important to the trip as good wheels. Wheel seals protect the bearings inside the wheel, so they don’t get overrun with contaminants and break down. If you suspect you need wheel seal replacement in Hartford, KY, you may have a few questions. Here is a look at some of the most common questions about semi wheel seals.

How long do wheel seals last?

Wheel seals can last quite a long time if they are installed correctly and the best materials are used for the installation. Some even proclaim they come along with an unlimited mile usage. However, these humble parts do sometimes have to be replaced after years of use.

How do you know a wheel seal should be replaced?

The most poignant sign that a wheel seal should be replaced is if you spot leaking bearings. When the wheel seals are doing their jobs, you won’t see any leaking lubricant from the bearings. Remember, if lubricant is getting out, contaminants could also be getting in.

What causes wheel seals to fail?

Wheel seals on a semi can sustain damage when you encounter major potholes or the seal comes in contact with a large piece of debris. The damage can be hard to spot, which is why most semi owners don’t know they need new seals until a technician tells them.

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In the end, wheel seals are a majorly important part of keeping your truck on the road. Need help with truck and trailer repair in Hartford, KY? Reach out to us at Ohio County Truck & Trailer Repair LLC so we can help you out.