3 Tips to Enhance the Fuel Efficiency of Your Diesel Engine

With diesel fuel costs at an all-time high, diesel drivers come to our full-service diesel garage in Hartford with questions about fuel efficiency. While there are definitely upgrades and repairs that make a huge difference, certain actions on your part can get you more miles per gallon. Check out these fuel-efficiency tips if you drive a diesel truck.

  1. Keep idle time at a minimum

The more idle time you have, the more fuel is burned that is not being used to get you mileage. As logical as it sounds to cut idle time when you are trying to save fuel, there are times when it is easy to forget that you are idling. For example, when you are waiting to pick up or drop off a load, stopped in a line of traffic, or when filling out log books or using the phone.

  1. Find the engine’s sweet spot

All diesel engines have their sweet spot when it comes to power and fuel efficiency. This is the acceleration point or gear that gives you good horsepower and speed but not without burning excess fuel. It can take a bit to determine just where your truck’s sweet spot is, but once you find it, take advantage.

  1. Keep your speed in check

Higher speeds automatically mean higher levels of fuel consumption. Sometimes, slow and steady speeds can be far better than high rates of speed, even if that means it takes you a few more minutes to get where you are going. Consider looking at alternative route options that don’t require excessive speed to keep up with traffic.

Talk to a Hartford, KY, Diesel Mechanic for Advice

If you have noticed a drastic change in fuel efficiency with your diesel truck, it may be time to talk to a diesel mechanic in Hartford for advice. Reach out to us at Ohio County Truck and Trailer Repair, LLC, to set up a service appointment.