Loads and Tires: How to Determine When to Replace Your Wheels

The haul of a semi-truck driver has everything to do with how long their tires last. Considering just how different your loads might be from day to day, it’s no wonder the average lifespan of your tires is a vague estimate of between 3 and 6 years. If you’re looking for ways to narrow it down, we’ll look at what causes your tires to wear out so you can better plan your budget.

What Affects Your Tire Performance?
Here’s what you should know about yourtire performance in Ohio County:

Overloads are dangerous: It’s not just the pressure that you’re putting on the vehicle; it’s the internal damage that can happen to your tires. The more you push your truck’s limits, the more likely you are to have a blowout on the road.
Weight distribution is crucial: Heavy loads result in more heat and friction to the tread. If the weight isn’t properly spaced out, you’ll end up seeing more tread wear in different parts of the tires.
Inflation pressure needs to be constantly checked: If your tires aren’t properly inflated, it can cause their lifespan to drop considerably.
Tire Lifespan in Beaver Dam, KY
Knowing when to replace your tires is sometimes easy. The choice is clear if you’re clearly losing traction due to a lack of tread or your tires blow out on the road. However, if you’d prefer to avoid such calamities, it may mean checking in with a professional before the tires reach this critical point. Ohio County Truck and Trailer Repair offersmechanical services and repairs to truck drivers in Beaver Dam who want to maximize their bottom line. We can also help you learn more about how to get more from your tires on every haul.