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What to Look For In a 24/7 Roadside Service

You can’t afford to call an unreliable company when your truck or trailer needs roadside service. Ohio County Truck and Trailer Repair provide reliable, reputable truck & trailer repair service in Hartford, KY. Knowing what to look for in a 24/7 roadside service company can help you get back up and running again as quickly as possible. Here’s what to watch for. 

Good Customer Service

When you require 24/7 roadside service, good customer service is vital for ensuring a quick resolution of your problem. You need someone to quickly pick up the phone and respond to your situation!

This means it’s essential to seek a truck and trailer repair business known for providing good customer service. You’ll be able to tell if they offer good customer service from the first phone call. 


Professionalism and good customer service go hand-in-hand. What are signs that a business operates with professionalism?

  • Excellent website
  • Clear contact information
  • Range of services provided to customers


Expedience is critical when your truck is broken down while en route from one location to another. Every minute spent alongside the road could be another minute when you and anyone waiting for you are inconvenienced. Hopefully, the business that you contact will be able to provide an estimated time of arrival that they’re willing to commit. 

For Excellent Roadside Assistance, Contact Ohio County Truck and Trailer Repair 

Do you need 24/7 roadside assistance in Hartford, KY? Ohio County Truck and Trailer Repair can help. Call us when you need help. We’re happy to provide you with reliable service in Ohio County.