When Do You Need a Tri-Line Kit?

A tri-line kit is a strong and durable way to unload any number of heavy-duty truck applications, whether it’s a lowboy or a trailer. They’re more efficient than two-line kits and tend to be more cost-effective over time. However, tri-line wet kits in Beaver Dam, KY, may not be right for every trucker, so we’ll look at their benefits and how they’re used.

When to Use a Tri-Line Wet Kit in Beaver Dam

A tri-line wet kit relies on pressurized oil to raise the bed of the trailer, so there’s less burden on the operator. Tri-line kits operate at a lower pressure than two-line kits, which makes it more likely to withstand repeated pressure. With three hoses in the kit (suction, pressure, and return), there’s more oversight over how the oil is treated, which makes it less likely for the system to overheat.

For truckers who are constantly unloading, a tri-line kit may be a good investment. (This is particularly true for truckers who need to minimize their expenses over the course of the year.) They also require less maintenance than two-line kits, and they have faster cycle times for truckers without a lot of time to spare.

Full-Service Truck Installation and Repair in Beaver Dam

Once you know what you need, you’ll need to find a pro that can help you get the most from your investment. If you’re looking for installation or repair services for your truck in Beaver Dam, KY, Ohio County Truck and Trailer Repair has a staff that can help you find the most efficient solutions. If you need the lines repaired or a pump swapped out of a tri-line wet kit, we can help you keep your ancillary equipment as well-maintained as your truck.