Why You Should Never Buy Used Tires

When you need new truck tires in Hartford, KY, you never want to even consider buying used. Used tires are a heap of trouble you don’t want to drive into. Here are some of the downsides to used tires.

Used Tires Will Deteriorate Faster

When buying secondhand tires, there’s no guarantee what condition they are in or how hard they were driven, or in what conditions. In short, your used tires could fail in a week or a month. There’s no way for you to tell, except to know that they will certainly deteriorate faster than new tires.

You’ll Miss Out on Safety Recalls

Because you won’t be the owner of record, you won’t be notified in the event of safety recalls. Tire recalls aren’t very common, but it’s still important to be on the list to be notified. You don’t get that with used tires.

You Could Have a Dishonest Seller

Those who deal in used tires have no oversight from tire manufacturers. In short, anyone can put up a shingle and sell used tires. You could encounter a dishonest seller who is willing to put their customers’ lives at risk by faking the quality of the used tires they sell. You might be shocked by how easy it is to fake quality on used tires by a skilled con artist. Everything from faking the thickness of the tread to painting the tires is not uncommon.

Lack of Warranty

New tires in Hartford, KY come with manufacturer warranties. If anything goes wrong with the tire within the warranty period and terms, you’re protected. You have zero protection when you buy used tires. In the long run, you may spend more on a used tire because you’re not covered.

Don’t risk your safety and the safety of your vehicle. Contact us today for new tires that you can rely on to get you there.