Truck tarp repair and installation Hartford KY

When Should a Truck Tarp Be Replaced?

When you haul open loads, your truck tarp can be one of the most important components of your rig. How do you know it may be time to opt for a truck tarp replacement in Hartford? Here is a look at a few signs it may be time to do a full truck tarp replacement.

The material is starting to deteriorate.

Deterioration of the tarp is one of the biggest reasons to opt for replacement. Even small areas of deterioration can start to spread and cause bigger problems, sometimes totally unexpectedly. Therefore, if you do see thinning or frayed points on your tarp, it is safest to go ahead and schedule a replacement job.

You have issues with connecting the tarp to the fasteners.

The standard tarp on a trailer can have different types of fasteners. However, one thing is often prevalent when the tarp is starting to break down; you will have issues connecting the tarp to the fasteners. You may have a few missing eyelets at connection points or shrinkage that makes it impossible to secure the tarp to the proper fastener. All of these should spur you to look into replacements so you don’t run into bigger problems.

You need a more viable tarping solution.

Sometimes, truck tarp replacement has more to do with functionality than an issue with the tarp itself. For example, if you are transitioning from carrying a material that can withstand exposure to the sun to something more at risk, you may need to switch from a mesh tarp to a solid solution.

Need Help with Truck Tarp Repair and Replacement in Hartford?

Protecting the load you haul is a big responsibility, and the tarp you use has a lot to do with that responsibility. If you need help with truck tarp repair or replacement in Hartford, KY, reach out to us at Ohio County Truck and Trailer Repair to schedule a visit.