Top Reasons Truckers Need Roadside Assistance

Stranded and need roadside assistance? As a truck driver, you can pretty much be willing to bet this is going to happen at some point. Take a look at the top three reasons truckers often have to reach out for roadside assistance in Hartford, KY.

1. Tire Trouble

Experts may claim that semi-truck tires should be replaced every three to six years. However, this doesn’t change the fact that tire trouble is one of the biggest reasons truckers end up needing roadside assistance. Whether it’s a blowout, a flat, or something else, it is far safer to pull over and call for help than to try to get to a service center for help.

2. Electrical Systems Failure

The modern-day semi is no doubt a technological machine. From the brakes to the engine, a lot of things can go wrong with the electrical systems that control all the functions. Unfortunately, the downside to having a lot of electrical components on a truck is the fact that they can be more difficult to work on. So, when an electrical system fails, most truck drivers are stranded and need assistance.

3. Braking System Malfunctions

The brake system on a semi is a pretty complex setup with a lot of room for something to go wrong. And, the brakes are the biggest safety feature on the rig. Therefore, when something goes wrong with the braking system, the safest bet is to pull over and let roadside technicians handle the rest.

Get 24/7 Roadside Assistance in Hartford, KY

As a truck driver, the faster you can get back up and running, the less an unexpected problem will cost you. Therefore, access to a Hartford truck and trailer repair company that offers roadside assistance means everything. Reach out to us at Ohio County Truck & Trailer Repair, LLC for help any time of the day or night for roadside assistance.