5 Signs You Need New Tires

Your truck’s tires are important! Good tires will help keep you safe in challenging weather, and keep your truck moving when you really need it to. Unfortunately, tires don’t last forever. There are many signs that your truck’s tires need replacement – you just have to know how to identify those signs. If you’re not sure, get truck service from a reputable repair shop in Hartford, KY.

1. Vibrations

When your tires become unbalanced, they start to vibrate. If you’re noticing more vibrations than usual, there are many things that could be causing this to occur, but tire wear and tear is definitely one of those problems! Get your tires looked into as soon as possible.

2. Cracks

Cracks in your tires are an obvious sign that your tires are becoming brittle and worn. Cracks could leak to leaks and even blow-outs, which ultimately could cause a breakdown on the roadside. Cracks aren’t too hard to see, so watch out for cracks in your tires!

3. Lack of Tread

Lack of tread makes your tires perform worse on slippery surfaces. Your tire tread should be deeper than 1.6 millimeters, especially if you’re driving on surfaces that are wet with rain, ice or snow. Check your tread periodically to avoid driving on tires with low tread.

4. Blisters

Blisters and bulges in your tires are a big problem because they’re a point of weakness in your tire. Blisters can lead to blow outs, which always seem to happen at the worst possible moment! Get blistered tires replaced right away.

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