Why Are Oil Changes so Important?

There is no service that your truck will require as regularly as an oil change. Most vehicles require one every 3,000 to 5,000 miles, but see your truck owner’s handbook to determine when yours is due. So, why are oil changes in Hartford, KY so important for truck maintenance? The following are some of the vital roles that fresh oil and the oil change procedure provide for your truck’s engine.

Sludge from the Engine Is Removed

Draining of the old oil is an important part of the oil change. This procedure eliminates engine sludge that accumulates over time and can clog up the motor’s working components. Dirt, dust, and other particles that enter the engine, as well as minute metal particles that are shaved off the engine, combine to make this muck. Much of this material is collected in the oil filter, but when the filter becomes clogged, sludge begins to accumulate inside the engine. A blocked oil filter reduces oil flow through the engine, which can create a slew of issues in and of itself. During a routine oil change, the oil filter will also be changed.

Engine Heat Reduction

Fresh oil helps lower and control the temperature of the engine in places where coolant can’t reach, while the cooling system keeps it at bay most of the time. Oil also reduces friction, which ultimately minimizes the amount of heat generated by the motor.

Maintains Appropriate Lubrication

The most crucial reason to maintain regular oil changes is to keep your truck’s engine well-oiled. Otherwise, there will be hard metal on metal contact between the moving components of the engine if the oil levels are not correct, resulting in serious damage. Oil changes are the single most effective approach to maintain your engine in good shape.

Whether you drive a truck for a company or you own your own rig, getting regular oil changes in Hartford, KY will make your life on the road smoother and safer.