Schedule Your Next Heavy Duty Diesel Oil Change and Stay on the Road

Whether you drive a big rig that racks up the miles every month or spends hours with the engine idling to power your PTO, your diesel engine will need its oil and filters changed on a regular basis. It can be tempting to skip that 25,000-mile mark and save a few dollars on your maintenance budget. Ohio County Truck & Trailer Repair, LLC is your local shop ready to knock out that chore and get you back on the road.

Protect Your Engine and Change Your Oil on Schedule

What happens if you skip an oil change or two? At first, you may see nothing more than a billowing black cloud when you turn over your ignition. Next, there will be knocking under the hood and even hesitation to accelerate at the lights. While your engine works harder to move its pistons through the thick sludge of old oil, parts can become scratched and corroded. Internal damage can lead to an expensive engine failure while you are climbing a mountain in the remote parts of West Virginia.

A Certified Diesel Technician Knows what Parts to Inspect

While our heavy-duty diesel technician is pumping out your oil and replacing it with clean lubricant, we will also take a look at your belts, tires, suspension, and all your fluids. Because we work with the big trucks on a regular basis, we will spot items that are worn and should be replaced to prevent flat tires, a loss of air conditioning, or even power steering.

Ohio County Truck & Trailer Repair LLC is open seven days a week to help you keep your rig serviced and earning income. Since we are local to Hartford, KY you never have to drive out of your way for routine maintenance. Give us a call to schedule your diesel oil change today.