Why You Should Never Buy Used Tires

When you need new truck tires in Hartford, KY, you never want to even consider buying used. Used tires are a heap of trouble you don’t want to drive into. Here are some of the downsides to used tires.

Used Tires Will Deteriorate Faster

When buying secondhand tires, there’s no guarantee what condition they are in or how hard they were driven, or in what conditions. In short, your used tires could fail in a week or a month. There’s no way for you to tell, except to know that they will certainly deteriorate faster than new tires.

You’ll Miss Out on Safety Recalls

Because you won’t be the owner of record, you won’t be notified in the event of safety recalls. Tire recalls aren’t very common, but it’s still important to be on the list to be notified. You don’t get that with used tires.

You Could Have a Dishonest Seller

Those who deal in used tires have no oversight from tire manufacturers. In short, anyone can put up a shingle and sell used tires. You could encounter a dishonest seller who is willing to put their customers’ lives at risk by faking the quality of the used tires they sell. You might be shocked by how easy it is to fake quality on used tires by a skilled con artist. Everything from faking the thickness of the tread to painting the tires is not uncommon.

Lack of Warranty

New tires in Hartford, KY come with manufacturer warranties. If anything goes wrong with the tire within the warranty period and terms, you’re protected. You have zero protection when you buy used tires. In the long run, you may spend more on a used tire because you’re not covered.

Don’t risk your safety and the safety of your vehicle. Contact us today for new tires that you can rely on to get you there.

A Look at the Advantages of 24/7 Roadside Assistance for Truckers

At Ohio County Truck & Trailer Repair LLC, our mechanics are always ready to bring 24/7 roadside assistance in Hartford, KY to you. But just why is having access to roadside assistance such a valuable thing for truck drivers? Check out the true value of getting help around the clock, when you need it, when you drive an over-the-road truck.

Skip Expensive Tow Bills

There are few things as expensive as towing an 18-wheeler. You’re going to be facing hook-up fees, hourly costs, fuel surcharges, costs-per-mile, and more that could easily add up to thousands of dollars. It is far more cost-efficient in most cases to have a repair technician come to you instead of dealing with towing costs.

Get Back on the Road as Fast as Possible

Simply put, roadside assistance is the fastest way to get back on the road. Your downtime means lost money. Oftentimes, simple repairs can be made on the roadside instead of having to wait to be towed to a mechanic, get a proper diagnosis, and then for the repairs.

Get a Quick Diagnosis to Plan Your Next Moves Efficiently

When you know exactly what’s going on with your rig, you can better plan what your next moves should be. Our roadside assistance technicians will either make the necessary repairs or let you know what’s happening. From here, you get to decide whether to call in reinforcements to pick up the load or make other arrangements.

Need Roadside Assistance in Hartford, KY?

Having a good diesel service in Kentucky to count on can mean a lot. Having access to 24/7 roadside help can mean everything. If you find yourself in a bind as a trucker, be sure to reach out to us to get the help you need.

How to Pick Your Full-Service Garage

When you’re picking a full-service garage in Hartford, KY to work on your truck, it’s important to find the right company for you! Whether you’re just getting your oil changed or getting a full-service on your rig, you’ve got to find a company you can trust. In this article, we’ll talk about tips to make this possible.

Get Referrals from People You Trust

You probably know other people who have a truck they’ve needed to get serviced in the past, whether it was a break replacement in Hartford, KY, or something as simple as an oil change. Find out where they’ve brought their truck in the past, and whether they would bring their truck back there again. If they were pleased with the service, you should probably check them out for yourself!

Evaluate Customer Service and Professionalism

When you bring your truck into the shop for service, take the time to evaluate the customer service and professionalism displayed by the people at the shop. Are they committed to helping you? Do they address your questions in a timely manner, with accuracy? Are they polite when they’re answering your questions?

Check Out Their Website

One more way to find out whether your mechanic in Hartford KY is a good choice for you is by checking out their website. The website should be professionally made and maintained, provide information about the services they provide, and should also reassure you that the business you’re taking them to is legitimate.

At Ohio County Truck & Trailer Repair, we’ve got years of experience and have trustworthy practices. We want our customers to know they’ve found the right mechanic to work on their vehicle. To schedule an appointment, call today.


5 Signs You Need New Tires

Your truck’s tires are important! Good tires will help keep you safe in challenging weather, and keep your truck moving when you really need it to. Unfortunately, tires don’t last forever. There are many signs that your truck’s tires need replacement – you just have to know how to identify those signs. If you’re not sure, get truck service from a reputable repair shop in Hartford, KY.

1. Vibrations

When your tires become unbalanced, they start to vibrate. If you’re noticing more vibrations than usual, there are many things that could be causing this to occur, but tire wear and tear is definitely one of those problems! Get your tires looked into as soon as possible.

2. Cracks

Cracks in your tires are an obvious sign that your tires are becoming brittle and worn. Cracks could leak to leaks and even blow-outs, which ultimately could cause a breakdown on the roadside. Cracks aren’t too hard to see, so watch out for cracks in your tires!

3. Lack of Tread

Lack of tread makes your tires perform worse on slippery surfaces. Your tire tread should be deeper than 1.6 millimeters, especially if you’re driving on surfaces that are wet with rain, ice or snow. Check your tread periodically to avoid driving on tires with low tread.

4. Blisters

Blisters and bulges in your tires are a big problem because they’re a point of weakness in your tire. Blisters can lead to blow outs, which always seem to happen at the worst possible moment! Get blistered tires replaced right away.

Need New Tires? Stop In Today

We provide new truck tires in Hartford KY. To make an appointment for your tire replacement, call today!

Why Are Oil Changes so Important?

There is no service that your truck will require as regularly as an oil change. Most vehicles require one every 3,000 to 5,000 miles, but see your truck owner’s handbook to determine when yours is due. So, why are oil changes in Hartford, KY so important for truck maintenance? The following are some of the vital roles that fresh oil and the oil change procedure provide for your truck’s engine.

Sludge from the Engine Is Removed

Draining of the old oil is an important part of the oil change. This procedure eliminates engine sludge that accumulates over time and can clog up the motor’s working components. Dirt, dust, and other particles that enter the engine, as well as minute metal particles that are shaved off the engine, combine to make this muck. Much of this material is collected in the oil filter, but when the filter becomes clogged, sludge begins to accumulate inside the engine. A blocked oil filter reduces oil flow through the engine, which can create a slew of issues in and of itself. During a routine oil change, the oil filter will also be changed.

Engine Heat Reduction

Fresh oil helps lower and control the temperature of the engine in places where coolant can’t reach, while the cooling system keeps it at bay most of the time. Oil also reduces friction, which ultimately minimizes the amount of heat generated by the motor.

Maintains Appropriate Lubrication

The most crucial reason to maintain regular oil changes is to keep your truck’s engine well-oiled. Otherwise, there will be hard metal on metal contact between the moving components of the engine if the oil levels are not correct, resulting in serious damage. Oil changes are the single most effective approach to maintain your engine in good shape.

Whether you drive a truck for a company or you own your own rig, getting regular oil changes in Hartford, KY will make your life on the road smoother and safer.

Signs You Need Brake Repair

When you’re on the road hauling goods across country, the last thing you need is brake failure. Thankfully, brakes are one of those truck parts that usually give you plenty of warning before you lose braking ability altogether. Here are the signs you should look out for when you need brake repair in Hartford, KY.

Warning Light

Yes, a warning light is obvious, but you’d be surprised how many truckers driving older rigs learn to ignore warning lights. You might assume the light is out of order, but don’t. Never ignore a dashboard warning light, even if it flickers on and off when you tap the dash.

Takes a Longer Time to Stop

Judging stopping distance when you’re hauling heavy loads is tricky. But once you get the gist of it, take notice of how long it takes to come to a complete halt. If it’s taking longer than expected, go ahead and have those brakes checked out. Longer stopping times are a sure sign you need brake repair in Hartford, KY.

Grinding Noise

Hopefully, you’ll never get to a point where you hear grinding when you brake. This usually means the brake pads are worn thin and the rotors are exposed. In fact, you really shouldn’t hear any kind of noise when you brake. Even if you hear squeaking, that’s another sign that you need brake repair.

Brake Pedal Goes to Floor

It’s a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach when you tap the brakes only to find that the pedal drops down to the floor. If you have to pump the brakes to get some “traction” in the pedal, it’s time to drive straight in to the repair shop to get new brakes.

Don’t take chances when it comes to your brakes. It’s the single most important part of your rig. Contact us today to book your appointment.

Signs of Trouble with Your Dump Trailer’s Wet Kit

A wet kit, which is comprised of a hydraulic reservoir tank, control valves, hoses, and a pump, can bring a whole level of functionality to your rig. Unfortunately, these mechanical implements can have their fair share of problems, so you may see a time when you need wet kit repairs in Hartford, KY. How do you know your wet kit needs attention? Here are a few telltale signs to keep in mind.

Leaking Hydraulic Fluid

Leaking hydraulic fluid, whether it is from the hoses, fittings, pump, or reservoir, is usually the number one sign that your wet kit is failing. In a lot of cases, leaking fluid is a general sign that the setup is starting to break down and should be replaced. However, on more rare occasions, you will have a bad fitting or a hose that has sprung a leak.

Lift Pressure Loss

If you suddenly see problems with maintaining lift pressure on a dump trailer or low boy, the wet kit is probably to blame. Sometimes, even with no signs of leaking fluid, the system will develop pinhole air leaks that lead to pressure loss and an inability for the wet kit to actually do its job.

Lacking Control Response

The control switches on a wet kit are pretty straightforward without a lot of things that can go wrong. However, if you find your controls to be unresponsive, you may have a pretty big problem. Loss of power to the control panel is a common culprit, but control switches also may not work if you are dealing with fluid and pressure loss.

Find Out More About Wet Kit Repair in Hartford, KY

Wet kit problems can get in the way of your ability to use your trailer as you need to in order to get the job done. If you need help from a Hartford diesel mechanic with wet kit repairs, reach out to us at Ohio County Truck & Trailer Repair LLC.

The True Value of On-Farm Farm Equipment Repair

When one of your diesel equipment pieces breaks down on your farm, you can run into serious delays, so you will no doubt want the help of a farm equipment repair mechanic in Hartford as soon as possible. Take a look at the true value of having that repair mechanic come to you instead of taking time to take your equipment to a shop.

Skip the Costs of Hauling Equipment

From tractors to combines and everything in between, these equipment pieces can be substantial in size and weight. Therefore, hauling these equipment pieces can be tedious and expensive if you don’t already have a low-deck or heavy-duty truck or semi for hauling. On-site equipment repairs allow you to skip that expense.

Avoid Valuable Time Spent Away from the Farm

When you have an agricultural operation, you will spend a lot of time on your farm handling the work that has to be done on a daily basis. When you have to take time out of your scheduled workday to haul in equipment, this can mean much-needed tasks get put off and you can fall behind. When repairs take place on your property, you can go about your day as usual.

Know Exactly When Repairs Will Take Place

When you have to take your farm equipment to a diesel mechanic, the equipment may sit on their lot until they have time to tend to the repairs. However, when you schedule a mechanic to come to you, you will know exactly when the repairs will take place so you can plan accordingly.

Get On-Site Farm Equipment Repair in Hartford

At the end of the day, time saved on a farm is money earned, so finding a trustworthy repair service in Hartford that will come to you is invaluable. If you have equipment that is slowing your progress and processes, reach out to us at Ohio County Truck and Trailer Repair to find out how we can help you out.

Truck tarp repair and installation Hartford KY

When Should a Truck Tarp Be Replaced?

When you haul open loads, your truck tarp can be one of the most important components of your rig. How do you know it may be time to opt for a truck tarp replacement in Hartford? Here is a look at a few signs it may be time to do a full truck tarp replacement.

The material is starting to deteriorate.

Deterioration of the tarp is one of the biggest reasons to opt for replacement. Even small areas of deterioration can start to spread and cause bigger problems, sometimes totally unexpectedly. Therefore, if you do see thinning or frayed points on your tarp, it is safest to go ahead and schedule a replacement job.

You have issues with connecting the tarp to the fasteners.

The standard tarp on a trailer can have different types of fasteners. However, one thing is often prevalent when the tarp is starting to break down; you will have issues connecting the tarp to the fasteners. You may have a few missing eyelets at connection points or shrinkage that makes it impossible to secure the tarp to the proper fastener. All of these should spur you to look into replacements so you don’t run into bigger problems.

You need a more viable tarping solution.

Sometimes, truck tarp replacement has more to do with functionality than an issue with the tarp itself. For example, if you are transitioning from carrying a material that can withstand exposure to the sun to something more at risk, you may need to switch from a mesh tarp to a solid solution.

Need Help with Truck Tarp Repair and Replacement in Hartford?

Protecting the load you haul is a big responsibility, and the tarp you use has a lot to do with that responsibility. If you need help with truck tarp repair or replacement in Hartford, KY, reach out to us at Ohio County Truck and Trailer Repair to schedule a visit.

Red emergency triangle stop sign and broken car on a city street

Get Your Tractor Trailer Rolling Again with 24/7 Roadside Service Near Hartford, KY

Did your truck just suffer a blowout while climbing a long hill on a remote highway near Hartford, KY? It will take hours for your regular fleet service to reach you and your load simply can’t wait that long. Go local and give Ohio County Truck & Trailer Repair a ring. Sometimes a full-service diesel shop located right around the corner will provide the real support you need to keep your customers happy and your truck earning its keep.

Ready to Fix your Semi, Farm Tractor, or Utility Truck

Have you ever reached out to a 24/7 roadside assistance number only to be told that they don’t have the ability to help you with your big rig? We specialize in heavy-duty equipment and tractor-trailer service. Whether it’s your combine that won’t start this morning or your stacks starting blowing black smoke before grinding to a halt, our technicians have the training needed to get you back on the road.

Flat Tires, Hydraulic Leaks, and Electrical System Warnings

We can tackle most common roadside breakdowns. Our shop offers tractor tire sales, so we can run to your rescue with a replacement if needed. Did your brakes fail? Our service truck is equipped with the hoses, fluids, and clamps needed. If the problem is something more serious, we can get your truck towed to our big rig garage for a prompt and professional repair.

Stop waiting for that national fleet to answer the phone and eventually get help to you while cruising through the Kentucky countryside. Ohio County Truck & Trailer Repair is available, local, and equipped to get you rolling without the long wait no matter what mechanical problem you are facing. Give us a call at (270) 256-9196 for our 24/7 Roadside Assistance today.